A League of Their Own is one of my all-time favorite films. The cast is full of heavy hitters of the time from Tom Hanks, Gina Davis, Lori Petty, Rosie O’Donnel, and even Madonna! The film is iconic, with quotable lines, memorable moments, and incredible characters. So, when a television series was announced it had an uphill battle ahead of it. How do you turn an iconic film into a tv show? Well, just ask Abbi Jacobson because they did it!


Prime Videos A League of Their Own does the smartest thing it could do in order for it to be compared the least and stand on its own legs. The series tells an original story, it is not just a retelling of the film. The viewer is also given 2 separate stories to follow – one of which the film was only able to touch on.

On one side, we meet Carson Shaw (Abbi Jacobson), a married woman who tries out for the All-American Girls Professional Baseball League. Yes, that was a thing. During WWII, so many men went off to war that professional sports suffered enough to give women a try. There, Carson makes it onto the Rockford Peaches and her life is forever changed. 

The story of the Rockford Peaches isn’t just about the games they play and their shitty coach. Those elements are there, but it’s about so much more. This version of A League of Their Own is incredibly queer. The series tackles being gay in a time when it was widely unacceptable. The LGBTQ+ community was forced to be in hiding, meeting in secret speakeasies. There were raids in their clubs where they were beaten relentlessly, as well as outed in the newspaper under the guise of “safety”. 

The series tackled this heavy subject matter fantastically by giving us beautiful storylines for this fantastic cast of characters/actors. 


A League of Their Own also takes place during a time of segregation. There were still Negro Baseball Leagues because black and white people were not allowed to play together. At the tryouts for the new league, we meet Max (Chanté Adams). A black woman who is a fantastic pitcher and is not allowed to even try out. 

We follow her along her journey of pursuing her dream in a world that wants her to just get married and make babies. Even though she is not allowed to try out for the All-American Girls Professional Baseball League that doesn’t stop her. She sets her site on her company’s team, as well as the professional negro leagues which actually allowed women to play.

The way the series tells both stories while seamlessly bringing them together is spectacular. The writing, the story, and everything about Prime Video’s A League of Their Own is done with such care while also creating an entertaining show. This new series is possibly my favorite of the year. WATCH IT!

A League of Their Own hits Prime Video premieres on August 12, 2022!