If you don’t want Bo Katan coming after you, you should watch the episode before you read this.

Jedi preparing for the Order 66 massacre on the Jedi temple to continue

The most special thing about this season of The Mandalorian so far, has been the focus on characters outside of Din and Grogu. We got plenty of development from those two throughout season one, two, and The Book of Boba Fett. Now, it’s nice to see Bo Katan, Carson, Greef Karga, and others get some time to shine. The other thing that’s especially highlighted in this episode is how inept the New Republic is.

Tim Meadows as the New Republic bureaucrat was a pitch-perfect bit of casting. It’s telling that the New Republic couldn’t come to the aid of Navarro, but the remnants of Mandalore and their culture could come back to save it. Katy M. O’Brian is doing an absolutely fantastic job as Elia Kane. It will be incredibly satisfying to figure out what her whole angle is on this situation. Is she working for the Empire/First Order? Is she helping Moff Gideon come back? What about Thrawn? Who knows at this point?

Dropping Mandos From The Sky

Will it ever be boring to see Mandalorians kicking ass? Probably not.

However cool that might be, this episode felt like it was rushing things a bit. A siege of Navarro with the pirates seems like a cool enough concept to carry the entire episode or maybe even two. Instead, we got about a half of an episode combined with Carson doing some investigative work.

If they ever make a Death Troopers project at Lucasfilm, it has to start like him finding the Lambda Shuttle. I was waiting the entire time for something to pop out. It’s an interesting wrinkle that Mandalorians would be the one to bust Moff Gideon out, but that’s almost assuredly not the entire story.

They’re balancing some heavy storylines with this season. Going into it, I assumed the entire season was about Din getting to Mandalore. Now that he’s already done that, maybe it’s about Bo Katan getting to Mandalore and restoring its former glory. The Armorer letting her go with her helmet off was a shocking touch.

Outside of the excellent action in this episode, there was some great development for plenty of characters, but it felt like this could have been told over the course of two episodes.

Either way, this was yet another excellent episode of The Mandalorian in a season that’s shaping up to be great for those people who want more development and more built out from the Star Wars Universe.

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