It appears that yet another fantasy harem manga is getting an anime in the form of Hero Classroom. Why we need another one is another story entirely. Oh well, at least this one actually has a likable protagonist.

Classroom for Fantasy Harem?

"Hero Classroom/Classroom for Heroes" key art.
Wait, did he just toss his sword away? Really? I guess this isn’t a combat story?

AnimeTV is proud to announce the upcoming anime adaptation of Hero Classroom (英雄教室, Eiyū Kyōshitsu, “Classroom for Heroes” in Japanese) on Twitter. Unfortunately, said announcement doesn’t reveal much about this anime. We have the key art above, showing the male main character Blade on the right casually tossing his sword away with all the care of one tossing away some waste paper, and the female deuteragonist Arnest Flaming on the left watching in befuddlement. All while on their way to that magical school in the background, no less.

The only other bit of info of note is the release window. Apparently, we’ll get to see what Hero Classroom is all about sometime next year in 2023. That’s it as far as official info about this anime though, as far as this announcement is concerned. We’ll just have to wait for more news about this anime at a later date.

Hero Classroom: Details

"Hero Classroom" Vol. 1 manga cover art.
It almost looks like a non-harem series with this cover art, doesn’t it?

Hero Classroom is a fantasy slice of life harem light novel series by Shin Araki, with Haruyuki Morisawa responsible for illustrations. There is also a manga adaptation with Araki returning to write for it, but with Koara Kishida as the artist. Shueisha published the original light novel in Japan, with Square Enix publishing the manga adaptation in the same. Comikey licensed the manga for its NA release. As for the anime adaptation, all we know so far beyond what the anime announcement revealed is that the director will be Keiichiro Kawaguchi, with Naoko Hayashi writing and Kosuke Kawamura responsible for character design. Actas (Transformers: Armada, Girls und Panzer, Princess Principal) will apparently be the animation studio behind the anime.

As for what Hero Classroom is about? Well, Comikey has the synopsis for the manga available on their website. Check it out below:

“Blade is a carefree transfer student whose only goal is to make friends with his classmates at Rosewood Academy, a school for heroes-in-training. On the surface, Blade seems like an ordinary boy, but he is hiding a miserable secret with seeds that start long ago, with the defeat of the Demon King at the hands of the Great Hero. Join this new class of friends as they unravel the mystery surrounding Blade, and journey toward becoming full-fledged Heroes!”

Source: Twitter, Comikey