Netflix has been trying to dip its toe into the rom-com genre for a while and, to be honest, not doing a great job. However, Cheesy Christmas Movies, watch out Hallmark. Comedy Queen Lindsay Lohan is back with Netflix for their new rom-com, Irish Wish. The film follows Maddie (Lohan), whose long-time crush, Paul, becomes engaged to one of her closest friends.

However, being the great friend that she is, she agrees to be a bridesmaid on their special day in Ireland. However, on a picnic, she runs into a wish-granting Saint Bridgit who gives her the life she’s always dreamed of with Paul. As her dreams become reality Maddie discovers that her true soulmate may be someone unexpected.


If you read my previous review of Netflix’s Falling For Christmas, you know I was worried about Lindsay’s comeback fizzling out. However, all my worries are pushed aside after watching Irish Wish! Lindsay Lohan is back and better than ever! She is effortlessly charming, hilarious, and has incredible chemistry opposite the cheeky photographer played by Ed Speleers (You/Outlander). Seriously, I can’t stop thinking about them playing darts together at the pub.

While the beginning of the film is a little rocky, just let that 10 minutes fly by and get to Ireland. It will be 100% worth it. Irish Wish has a beautiful landscape being filmed in Ireland. Its cheeky premise is perfect for an adorable rom-com where you’re told to be careful what you wish for. Once Maddie wakes up the morning after her wish is granted the film wastes no time with her relishing in her new found life. Instead, Maddie is the perfect fish out of water. She is confused by what’s happening and for some reason not able to fully embrace her wish coming true. She begins to see the faults in the relationship she hoped for and realizes maybe this life isn’t for her.

Unlike the typical rom-com formula, Irish Wish doesn’t have a misunderstanding leading the lovers together. Instead, Lindsay Lohan’s character has to face the truth about what she really wants. She can see even in this life she wouldn’t be happy with Paul, but she would be happy with James (Speleers). Whom she never would have met if she didn’t go to the wedding in Ireland.

Overall, I found Irish Wish to be a really fun watch. If you’re a rom-com lover like myself this one hits all the marks.