As someone who is a huge Lindsay Lohan fan dating back to her Parent Trap remake, saying that I was excited about Falling for Christmas is an understatement. This film is right up her alley, playing a snotty heiress who finds her humanity through comedy and amnesia. Sign me up. However, my excitement quickly dwindled as I watch the 90-minute Christmas Rom-Com.


The premise of Falling For Christmas is a semi-remake of one of my all-time favorite 80s rom-coms, Overboard. This time, the snotty rich woman turned blue-collar nice lady takes place during Christmas at Ski Resorts. 

Lindsay Lohan (Mean Girls) plays Sierra Belmont, an out-of-touch socialite with an even more out-of-touch influencer boyfriend, Tad (George Young). However, after Sierra and Tad go “skiing”, his proposal turns into a disaster. Sierra is pushed by the wind down a hill, hits her head, and is rescued by local Jake (Chord Overstreet).

Jake is everything you want in a Holiday Movie leading man. He owns a mom-and-pop ski resort owned by his late wife’s family, has an adorable daughter, and is beloved by the town. However, his small resort is having money trouble is on the brink of closing. 

So, what went wrong when everything was set up to be so right? First of all, lack of chemistry. I’m honestly not sure if Overstreet and Lohan even like each other. We’re supposed to watch these two falling in love, but a couple of glances here and there, accompanied by a series lack of chemistry isn’t going to do it. There’s even a moment when the big kiss is finally supposed to happen and it is very obviously a body double. 

On top of that, Lindsay Lohan really phoned this in. She is a fantastic comedic actress, but I don’t know what happened. Nothing feels genuine, and everything falls flat. However, the huge stand out for me is George Young as Tad! He fully embraced his over-the-top character while also somehow grounding him. I also love that Tad goes on his own journey and found that way more interesting. 


In Rom-Coms, there’s always a pivotal moment whether it’s a misunderstanding that leads to a fight, or an AHA moment. Falling For Christmas doesn’t do any of that. In Overboard, Kurt Russel’s character knew who Goldie Hawn was the entire time. So, while that leads to some problematic moments, the reveal of this knowledge is HUGE and adds stakes. 

No one knows who she is and since Tad is also lost no one knows she’s missing for days. So, when they finally find her it is incredibly lackluster.

I’m so sad to say that this film is far from the exciting return of Lindsay Lohan I was hoping for. Instead, it’s super low stakes and lacks any love that it could’ve had.

Falling For Christmas is now streaming on Netflix. Let me know your thoughts below.