After last week’s Spelljammer: Adventures In Space book, announcement, there are 2 boxed versions of it coming soon.

And that’s thanks in part to the team at Beadle And Grimm’s Pandemonium Warehouse. They are releasing both the Sliver and Platinum boxed versions for the book.

Within these 2 boxed sets, there are a lot of items to help enhance the game. In the Silver Box, products included are:

  • Collector’s Silver Edition Box
  • Exploded Books: all three books included as soft-covers with a player-only section
  • DM Screen: original art outside with Spelljammer specifics inside
  • Pre-generated characters specific to a Spelljammer campaign setting
  • Encounter Cards and Ship Cards to show your players the creatures, NPCs and ships they’ll encounter on their Wildspace adventure
  • Booklet of Bonus Encounters with original adventures and art
  • In-world handouts to give to your players
  • Original battle maps and poster-size map
  • A package of individual ship maps
  • All new Spelljammer: Adventures in Space magic item and spell cards
  • Amazing In-world artifacts

The Platinum Edition will have many of the same items The Silver Edition will have. But there are a few extra goodies with The Platinum Edition, including:

  • Map Tube with original battle maps and poster-size map
  • 20 specially curated WizKids pre-painted Spelljammer minis in their own collector’s box

Both editions are up for pre-order, and are on sale as well. The Silver Edition is available for $175.50, while The Platinum Edition is priced at $449.10.