Dark Crystal fans young and old, you are in for a treat this week if you have any interest in comics. This week Boom! Studios releases The Dark Crystal: The Quest For the Dual Glaive HARDCOVER, issues 1-4. Okay so this is a reprint of the first four issues, but this story and issue are amazing.

Dual Glaive Hardcover: Item of Beauty

Whether you are new to comics/Dark Crystal or have collected them all, this hardcover requires looking over. While this is essentially a trade paperback that is un-unique in comics, the Dark Crystal team is releasing this in Hardback which immediately ups the quality.

As usual the artwork in these books is incredible and carries its own signature look. At times it has a minimalist qualiy to it, but it always conveys the needed details and makes you feel like you are on Thra. The hardcover nearly gives it the rich quality of some of the Dark Crystal coffee table books they released.

Dual Glaive Hardcover: Beginners Start Here!

For any that have enjoyed the movie or semi-recent Netflix series, this hardback is the perfect place to start if you ever wanted to start a dark crystal series or comics in general. I believe this is the third story line released for the Dark Crystal franchise. They run in sets of 12 issues each, so there are several starting points, but this one is a better starting point than most.

Where other titles dealt with Jen and Kira or the story originally intended for the big screen, this story is a prequel to the Netfilx series. In the Neflix series we follow Rian and his troupe as they discover the darkness plaguing Thra. This series jumps backwards in time to follow Rian’s father, Ordon and Fara, the Future Maudra of Stonewood Clan. Here is the Synopsis for the Dual Glaive hardcover.

Return to another world, another time…in the age of wonder. The great warrior Ordon is sent on a quest to retrieve the mythical weapon that promises to save his people. His only ally is Fara, the future leader of the Stonewood clan. Together, they must find the Dual Glaive before their entire way of life is destroyed.

Synopsis from BOOM! Studios

The story is rich in Thra mythology and extrapolates well on events of he series. Whether you want to begin a new Dark Crystal tale or have a wonderful hardback for display, this release merits a look.