I will preface that this issue is 99% about Yale and his backstory. The issue will be taken from the outside perspective following Yale after trying to save Zack in the previous issue.

A Cat and His Keeper

Yes, that is the Original Blue Omega Ranger Kiya who set Yale of Saard free. Yale chose not to follow her when we start to get narration off the panel about Yale and his past. How this massive beast with the heart of a kitten and the strength of a whole pride of lions. Chooses a different path even after being looked over from the moment of his birth as the runt of the litter.

Back in the Present on Safehaven

The Children that harassed Yale in the previous issue are now searching for an ancient temple belonging to the Morphin Masters. Seeking what fortunes lie inside. We keep seeing flashbacks of Yale’s past and the treatment of his kind as beasts of burden. The Narrator, off-page, explains how Yale has always turned the other cheek and he will always stand up for those who can’t stand for themselves.

The Children inevitably get lost and of course a vicious beast is ready to eat them. Yale, heading towards the voice, finds these children and without hesitation strikes and the beast saving the kids. The little girl Sewa, after seeing this has the courage to stand up to her overbearing friend and tell him off. She apologizes for throwing a stone at Yale and of course, forgives her like he has forgiven everyone else in his past.


The Voice, still calling to Yale brings him to the Morphin Masters Temple. Leading him down into the temple, the voice explains that they were wrong about Kiya. How they still are attached to this world. A box opens and it’s the Blue Omega Morpher! Saying “I have found you, perhaps I can finally rest.” As Yale’s 6 yellow eyes turn to ………. BLUE!

Thoughts from THE GRID

I can’t tell you how much emotion this issue stirred up in me. As a Cat-Dad and a Power Rangers fan to see two of my favorite things on the page filled me with joy and delight! When you can have a story with little back and forth dialogue and go about a creature’s journey, you’ll have me hooked!

I’m diving down this rabbit hole! So hold on to your morphers! Assuming that Yale is the next Blue Omega Ranger, this will be the first time we get a non-humanoid ranger. Whether the power of the Grid turns him into an anthropomorphic creature is one thing. Maybe he will stay the same and get the ability to speak, either by telepathy or vocally.

Could THIS be the reason that Hasbro HASN’T done any Omega Ranger Lightning Collection figures?! I’m honestly not sure! But the “Toy-Ability” of this figure, if we get one is going to be a tall order, and I want it NOW!

From a narrative perspective, this issue puts a twist on the new dynamic. How will the fanboys react, that their hopes of Drakkon not becoming Omega Blue are swept away like the tide, get it water joke. This pivot on the team dynamic will really unfold in the next coming issues. I for one am excited to see where our new Blue Heroes Journey will lead!

Covers that are the CAT’S MEOW!

All 4 main covers come with Virgin Variants as well. You can find them in your Local Comic Shop. Then jump back in the comments and let us know what you thought about the issue! This is also Yejin Park’s first cover for Power Rangers!

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