With the recent news of the Warner Bros Discovery merger going official, the new owners of Batman, Superman, and any other DC property are looking to change up their content. Discovery and WarnerMedia closed a deal for a $43 billion merger of the two massive entertainment companies. David Zaslav, the CEO of the combined companies, and other leaders in the companies have considered the idea to turn DC into its own content company.

The move would mainly affect DC feature film development at Warner Bros, streaming on Warner Bros TV, and DC itself. The move would take the three seemingly separate visions for content and unite them under one plan. This would look a lot like Marvel at Disney, where all their content from comics to movies is united under one front. Kevin Feige at Marvel oversees the majority of what their film and TV divisions do, and he’s the brainchild of the current era of entertainment from them. DC wants someone similar for their division.

Discovery wants to fully leverage the power of DC’s characters. Properties and characters like Aquaman, Wonder Woman, and Batman have done well, but others like Justice League, and Superman, have been left to languish. They also want to explore more “second-tier” characters for movies like Todd Phillips’s Joker.

This is sure to rile up and excite the wing of DC fans that fanatically support Zack Snyder and his universe of films. The report doesn’t mention anything about his involvement or plans to continue his universe of films. We’ll have to see how this translates to a content plan for DC films and TV in the future.

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Source: Variety

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