Black Adam is a pet project from Dwayne Johnson. The movie languished in development hell for quite a long time, and then once it seemed like it was about to release, it was hit with a delay. Instead of releasing in July of 2022, it’s moved to October 2022. Our friends over at One Take News have some details about the upcoming reshoots on the film. According to them, the reshoots are in response to a test screening from December 2021. The filmmakers have decided to add more of what audiences responded well to in that screening. In addition, they’re supposed to only be for about two weeks.

The reshoots are also supposed to run concurrently with another DC project that’s in the works. Usually, these types of situations warrant some sort of sharing of actors or crew. So we might expect Black Adam and this other DC project to have some common thread.

These reshoots are also not negative. Most of the time reshoots are not in response to horrible negative things about screening or production. Sometimes they just miss getting a shot of someone leaving a room or schedules don’t match up. It is a hugely common practice to go back for reshoots.

Black Adam releases in theaters on October 22nd, 2022.

So, are you excited to see the film? What do you want out of Black Adam?

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Source: One Take News

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