The Wonder Twins are making their way to live-action from DC and Warner Bros for the first time. They recently announced the new movie heading to HBO Max with Adam Sztykiel attached to write and direct. The Black Adam writer has quite a task to get the somewhat silly superheroes to the big screen.

The Wonder Twins is a property that hasn’t seen a live-action adaptation in movies, but it follows the two alien siblings Zan and Jayna. Most people know them from their appearances in Hanna Barbera cartoons like The All-New Super Friends Hour. The characters are going from the butts of jokes to the big screen. Their powers are that Jayna can turn into any animal and Zan can turn into water.

The Wonder Twins starts production on July 5th, 2022 in Atlanta, Georgia.

THS has received some exclusive casting details that shine a light on what the story holds in The Wonder Twins.

Meet Kenzie

First, we have the role of Jayna’s roommate, Kenzie. The description wants an Australian female that’s over 18 to play an 18-year-old. Can be any ethnicity, but ideally with an Aussie accent. She’s optimistic but isn’t all there, with a couple of screws loose. Her one quest is to become best friends with Jayna, no matter the cost. She has a mutual crush on Chad (Zan’s new name or Earth name). She also encourages Chad even though his powers are turning into various forms of water.

Our Two Possible Villains: Another Pair Of Evil Twins

The two possible villains or side-villains of the film are Pils and Vinka. They’re another set of twins that are kind of like the creepy girls from The Shining. They talk in unison, walk in unison, and wear matching outfits. They’re unnerving and are sent on a mission to kill Jayna and Zan. Vinka is Pils’s twin sister. The only other description is that they are 17 years old.

For now, besides these new details, and the ones from the original announcement, this is all we really know about The Wonder Twins movie. The tone sounds like it could be more of a comedic romp like Shazam. We’ll have to see when it releases on HBO Max at some point.

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