Disney Chairman and CEO Bob Iger has had a busy time planning out the Disney Streaming Service, which has several confirmed series despite not yet having an official release date. Though it’s been rumored for months now, he finally confirmed that there officially will be a series revolving around Thor’s brother Loki – and furthermore, that that series will see Tom Hiddleston reprising his his beloved turn as the Norse trickster god himself.

Iger provided some more details about the streaming service, which he explained would be called Disney+, during a live audio webcast for investors on November 8th. Though there still isn’t a specific date of release, he did clarify that it would be coming out in late 2019, which should give the entertainment company ample time to prepare several of the projects they have on deck for it.

The Loki-centric Tom Hiddleston vehicle does not yet have a title, but that’s not stopping fans from getting hyped and speculating the different time periods in which it could take place or how it could connect to the MCU. But official details are scare, and the only things that can be confirmed aside from the actor’s participation are the fact that it will be connected to the Marvel Cinematic Universe and that it will go into production sometime next year.

Loki’s show is joined by a couple of live-action Star Wars series, The Mandalorian and an Untitled Cassian Andor Project, which have also been sending fans into a tizzy this past week. Furthermore, there is said to be new shows based on lucrative Disney titles such as Monsters Inc. and High School Musical. With these options plus the wide collection of classic Disney films that will be made available, Disney+ is certainly out to give Netflix and Hulu a run for their money.

While still not officially confirmed, Marvel Studios is also rumored to be in the middle of developing other MCU-adjacent series for their upcoming streaming service. Among the ones that have been discussed are a Scarlet Witch (Elizabeth Olsen) spin-off and a hopefully buddy-cop comedy of sorts starring Winter Soldier (Sebastian Stan) and Falcon (Anthony Mackie). But, of course, these are subject to change given that Iger himself did not announce them alongside Loki.

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