Anyone ever heard of Clash: Artifacts of Chaos? No? Well, ACE Team and their publisher Nacon want to do their level best to make sure you’ve heard of this rather bizarre fighting game taking place in an equally as bizarre world. To start with: they’ve just released a new gameplay trailer for it. Check it out below, and wonder at the weirdness for yourself:

A Rather Odd Fighting Game In So Many Ways

Not unexpected, since this is by the same devs who made The Eternal Cylinder.

ACE Team and Nacon are proud to not only reveal that gameplay trailer on YouTube to us, but also reveal when we will actually get to play this bizarre fighting game. Kind of. Apparently, we will get to play Clash: Artifacts of Chaos sometime in November 2022. Unfortunately, the release date doesn’t get any more specific than that. If you want an exact release date, we’re going to have to wait for that bit of news later.

Clash: Artifacts of Chaos ~ Details

"Clash: Artifacts of Chaos" screenshot showing Pseudo and The Boy.
I swear, he looks a bit constipated.

So what is Clash: Artifacts of Chaos? Well, for starters: it’s the latest video game from ACE Team (Zeno Clash, Rock of Ages, The Eternal Cylinder). As you can imagine from that list of video games, ACE Team is known for their off-beat and rather odd characters and worlds for their games. This one is no exception. Just look at the reveal trailer below, and see for yourself:

Hey, even the mushrooms are something from The Eternal Cylinder.

Although it doesn’t indicate it in the title, Clash: Artifacts of Chaos is effectively Zeno Clash 3. It takes place in the world of Zenozoik, which is the same world the Zeno Clash games take place in. The Zeno Clash games are also fighting games, which Clash: Artifacts of Chaos falls into. The only difference seems to be that the latter is more open world than the former. Whether or not it continues the story of Zeno Clash or even if we will meet characters from Zeno Clash is something we’ll have to wait for when the game comes out.

In the meantime though, you can wishlist Clash: Artifacts of Chaos on Steam. This video game will also be for the PS4 and Xbox One, so look out for it on the PlayStation Store and Xbox Games Store in the near future.

Source: Nacon North America YouTube, Steam

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