It’s Critical Role’s 7th Anniversary this week. And they have events happening all week. But they also announced two new shows.

One is a continuation of their mini-series, Exandria Unlimited. And the other is their new campaign after-show.

Exandria Unlimited: Kymal

This new two-part EXU adventure brings back fan-favorite characters Dorian, Opal, Dariax, and Fy’ra Rai. And Erica Linbeck is coming in the two-part adventure as a new character.

With this 2-part adventure, we are heading into Kymal for a casino heist. This adventure will air on both Thursday, March 31th, and Friday, April 1st.

Critical Role: 4-Sided Dive

The new after-show got announced and it is an amazing show.

4-Sided Dive Description

Lore, insight, curiosity, and chaos… Dive into Critical Role’s monthly talk show! 4-Sided Dive features a roundtable discussion between four guests with a signature Critical Role twist. At the top of each episode, guests let the roll of the dice decide who will take on the role of Tavern Keeper (a sort of quasi-host?) and thus steer the show with absolutely no preparation. In addition to discussing the campaign and characters, party games and chaos will be sprinkled in. Fan questions will also be pulled from the Tower of Inquiry, a “Chenga” tower that yields serious consequences when it all comes crashing down.

Fans will be able to submit questions for guests on the show to both ask and answer. The new monthly after-show will premiere on Tuesday, April 5th.

Learn more about the new shows in the official announcement below.

So, are you excited to try out these new Critical Role shows? Let us know in the comments below.

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