The newest D&D series has a director.

Thanks to Deadline, we found out that Red Notice director Rawson Marshall Thuber will be helming his own D&D series for Hasbro and eOne. It will be an hour-long live-action series. And this seems to be eOne starting to put together their D&D TV Universe together.

Now eOne President of Global Television Michael Lombardo had told Deadline back in November:

Our big focus right now is Dungeons & Dragons.

Lombardo’s comment seems like eOne is starting to make their big focus D&D for sure. And with this announcement, it looks like everything is being put into motion.

This announcement is intriguing because Thuber is working on both Red Notice 2 and this series.

With this big A-List hire for this series, this connected universe is starting to shape up nicely. Now we don’t know a ton of info for this series yet. But we also don’t have any information about the series head John Wick writer Derek Kolstad is currently handling.

Much like the D&D web series and D&D-based series from the last few years, this will be interesting to see where in D&D lore the series takes place.

But with these two series happening, and many more on the horizon, D&D will have a tv and movie resurgence like no other.

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Source: Deadline