As it turns out: award-winning writer, director, and producer Ryan Murphy (American Horror Story, 9-1-1, Dahmer – Monster: The Jeffrey Dahmer Story) isn’t particularly happy with Netflix. No, he has set his sights on bigger things. Things like the Walt Disney Company.

Ryan Murphy: From Netflix to Disney

Ryan Murphy
I guess he doesn’t like working for Netflix that much.

The Hollywood Reporter has just revealed that Ryan Murphy will be leaving Netflix after he concludes his contract with them. His 5-year long, 9-figure contract (totaling some $300 million USD) with them, by the way. Apparently, despite that money, Murphy still would rather take his contract elsewhere once it ends. Not only that, but it’s a contract that’s set to expire at the end of June 2023, so this move will be happening rather soon.

According to The Hollywood Reporter: that move will be to the Walt Disney Company. Apparently, Ryan Murphy plans to call Disney his “creative home”. Despite Murphy continuing to produce installments of Monster and Watcher for Netflix even while working for Disney, no less.

Unfortunately, that’s all the news we have on Ryan Murphy at the moment. Disney is being especially tight-lipped on exactly what kind of a deal they’re striking with Murphy. No announcements of figures, contract length, or even what kind of projects Murphy will be working on for Disney once he signs up with them. The only clue we have is from an announcement back in Summer 2021 that Murphy plans on producing an American Sports Story and an American Love Story via and for “Disney entities”, and that’s it. No more details there. Tune back in to THS at a later date to find out more about Ryan Murphy’s plans at Disney whenever he or Disney decide to release those details to the public.

Source: The Hollywood Reporter

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