After months of rumors and speculation, we FINALLY have some concrete news on Hogwarts Legacy. Today, Sony gave us a first look with its March State of Play. As we know, Hogwarts Legacy is a highly anticipated fantasy-action RPG. Avalanche Software shares its open-world Wizarding World game that we have all been waiting for.

The Look Of Things

Scenery Image from Hogwarts Legacy

The Hogwarts Legacy Game Play we see looks phenomenal. They have the castle down perfectly, as well as the grounds. The visuals shown give me Skyrim vibes. The Fantastic Beasts look even cooler. There’s even a small Easter egg of a Niffler! Not to mention the sinister Goblins look just like the ones in the movie. The game looks very true to how Hogwarts is seen and described in the books and movies. It has that Harry Potter element of looking bright where your eye is always meant to go, and darker where it seems appropriate. This helps it walk the rope between scary and fun.

Another cool feature is that the seasons change! As the year passes the grounds follow along as if we really live there. Sometimes it is raining, other times it is snowing. In the summer there is sun and lavish green grounds, but once winter hits those grounds get covered in snow.

Possibly my favorite thing about this game is that you can make it unique to yourself. You can customize your character however you want. Blue hair here I come! You can also choose your own house and what spells you want to master. If you want your specialty to be potions great! The choice is up to you and that is what makes this game great. You can be playing with friends and each one can have different experiences and tasks.

Exploration And Easter Eggs

Additionally, you are not limited to only one place. You do not just have to explore Hogwarts, although half my time may be spent exploring the mysteries within. But, you don’t have to. You can explore Hogsmeade Village and other hidden gems within the game. They have also added new and old locations to explore. Plus, lots of dungeons to go diving in. Although, the fun doesn’t stop there as the Room of Requirement makes an appearance. It serves the purpose it is meant to, being a place where you can get what you need.

Although Hogwarts Legacy is set in the late 1800s, we have plenty of Easter Eggs for us Potterheads. We see a Nearly Headless Nick appearance and Professor Binns. As well as some centaurs who say the same lines they said to Harry Potter in the first film. Who knows what other fun hidden Easter Eggs we can find once the game comes out.

Major Takeaways

Dueling in Hogwarts Legacy

I’ve saved the best for last! The combat mechanics. In this game you can use a combination of spells, chain them together, to make a mega spell. You can pull enemies in, light them on fire, and push them away. That is something we have not seen before. You can learn spells from friends and do a lot of dueling to master more skills. Also, we see forbidden spells are not so forbidden here as someone casts the killing curse.

The plot of Hogwarts Legacy, it is said, is to help learn old wizarding magic that is resurfacing. You have to learn not only how to figure out where this magic is resurfacing but why. As well as, you must master this old magic in order to defeat those that want to destroy it. Of course, we see behind this are dark wizards in allegiance with Goblins, who want the dark magic to destroy wizards. You must defeat them before they can destroy your world.

Accio The Perfect Game

Hogwarts Legacy, from what we see so far, has everything I am hoping for and so much more. Am I a bit intimated? Yeah, but I am also super excited to play this game. I am looking forward to seeing what is inside Hogwarts. Maybe we get to see the basilisk! What I do hope for is to see even more hidden little details for us Potterheads. Maybe a mention of famous wizards or even Nicholas Flamel can show up. Better yet, this better have peeves in it because we need that prankster to show up in some Wizarding World adaptation.

So, if anyone is looking to get me a Christmas present, I’ll take this game, please. Since it is set to come out Holiday 2022 we can hope to have it by then and be able to enjoy Christmas at Hogwarts. Bring some Butterbeer and cauldron cakes along for the ride.