If you are a werewolf or just like werewolf movies you have a lot to look forward to. Teen Wolf fans are already excited to see Scott McCall and his pack returning in the new sequel movie written by Jeff Davis that will release on Paramount Plus this year. But this is not the only project that Davis is working on. He is also writing and executive producing a new series, Wolf Pack, which is based on the Edo Van Belkom book series of the same name. And Thanks to an exclusive report from The Illuminerdi we now know more about the story and character details.

Wolf Pack: Story Details

Harlan and Luna, fraternal twins, were abandoned sixteen years ago during a wildfire and have possessed supernatural abilities their entire lives. The twins have been waiting for the day when their past would come back to haunt them and it seems like it finally has. The four teenagers come together the night after the recent wildfire and work to figure out the secrets that connect them.

Wolf Pack: Character Details


  • 18+-year-old man of any ethnicity to play 17 for the role of Everett. Everett struggles with anxiety and is constantly on the verge of a panic attack, but is actively working to improve his mental health with therapy, meditation, and medication. His condition is only exacerbated by his parents’ constant criticism and condescension. After being trapped by a wildfire and attacked by a mysterious creature Everett discovers he has new extraordinary abilities. Everett is not only injured, and confused, but suspected of starting the wildfire. He escapes the hospital and seeks out Blake as well as Harlan and Luna to uncover what is happening to them.


  • 18+-year-old woman of color to play 17 for the role of Blake. Blake is described as a loner and is seen as the school outcast after burning bridges with her friends. Blake grew up in an unhappy, broken home. Blake sees herself as “analogue” refusing to use a cell phone or social media which further isolates her from her classmates. After being injured in a wildfire Blake, along with fellow classmate Everett, discovers she has supernatural abilities. Blake and Everett meet up with two other teenagers, Harlan and Luna, to discover what is happening to them.


  • 18+-year-old man of any ethnicity to play 17 for the role of Harlan. Harlan is described as lean, muscular, and good-looking. Harlan identifies as queer. Once a jock he has now found his way to the underground party circuit downtown. Harlan is Luna’s fraternal twin, a bit self-absorbed, a flirt, and a pleasure seeker who lives in the moment. Harlan, like his sister, has always possessed supernatural abilities and knew that they would one day come face to face with strange events from their past. Harlan along with his twin sister Luna, Everett, and Blake come together to solve the mystery of what is happening to them.


  • Wolf Pack is also looking to cast an 18+-year-old woman of any ethnicity to play 17 for the role of Luna. Luna is Harlan’s fraternal twin sister and is described as luminous with an ethereal quality. On the surface Luna is positive and friendly, but struggles with forming connections on a deeper level. She has many acquaintances, but longs for a group of true friends. Luna, like her brother, has always had supernatural powers and knew they would one day need to confront their past. And it seems that time has finally come. Luna along with her twin brother Harlan and two other teenagers, Everett and Blake, must figure out what exactly is happening to them.
Wolf Pack Writer Jeff Davis

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Source: The Illuminerdi