Yesterday Mezco Toyz wrapped up their third day of Toy Fair 2022 reveals and just like the first two days it did not disappoint. We have already seen some amazing items from The Batman, Creepshow, Marvel, and more throughout this three-day event, and once again they came out of the gate running with more amazing reveals. Here is a recap of their day 3 reveals.


After two amazing days of announcements, what else could possibly be revealed by Mexzo Toyz? Well, day three did not disappoint and fans were treated to some great reveals. From G.I. Joe to TMNT and just like two days there was a little something for just about any collector out there. Here is a look at those reveals.

One:12 Collective: G.I. Joe – Storm Shadow

5 Points: The Crow

LDD Presents: Creepshow (1982) – Father’s Day

One:12 Collective: Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

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Source: Mezco Toyz