After an impressive first day of reveals, Mezco Toys came out of the gate on fire for day 2. For those that don’t know, Mezco Toyz is hosting a three-day Toy Fair 2022 virtual event throughout their social media channels. In an event that gave us some great day 1 reveals, day 2 was no letdown. So to get you caught up here is a recap of their day 2 reveals.

Mezco Toyz Day 2 Reveals

After an amazing first day of reveals some might of thought, how could it get any better? Well, yesterday Mezco Toyz knocked it out of the park with their day 2 reveals. From DC to Marvel once again there was a little something for any collector. Here is a look at the Day 2 reveals.

Static-6: Silent Hill 2: Red Pyramid Thing

One:12 Collective: Robin

5 Points: Scooby-Doo & Mystery Inc Boxed Set

One:12 Collective: The Amazing Spider-Man


What are your thoughts on these new reveals from Mezco Toyz? Which one of these, if not all is a must-have in your collection? Also, what other Toy Fair 2022 reveals are you excited about? That Hashtag Show wants to hear from you!

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