The Cursed is now in theaters and I had a chance to sit down and chat with Boyd Holbrook to chat about the movie, his favorite werewolf flick, as well as how he had to convince Sean Ellis that he could play a Brit!


Written and Directed by Sean Ellis, The Cursed is loosely based on the folklore of the Beast of Gévaudan. The film takes us to a remote country village in the 1800s. Here we meet the Laurent family whose son has gone missing and a beast is terrorizing the community. Next, we meet John McBride (Boyd Holbrook), a pathologist who is there to investigate these attacks and disappearances. However, he discovers something much darker and more evil is on the loose.

I absolutely loved this movie. So I was super excited to speak with Boyd Holbrook about it. In our interview, Holbrook discusses how he really wanted to work with Sean Ellis because he’s a huge fan of his work. However, he first had to convince the writer/director that he could put on the British accent and sell it. We also discuss the history behind what inspired the film and he feels about playing someone from the 1800s. 

Holbrook and his wife are also HUGE horror fans that are always looking for something scary to watch. When asking him what his favorite Werewolf horror is, the answer might surprise you. I even tried to get him to open up about the upcoming Sandman series for Netflix, but sadly mum is still the word.


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