It looks like Star Wars: Hunters is getting bigger. At least, when we finally get to see it outside of iOS. I guess it has to be if it wants to compete with the likes of Overwatch.

New Meat For The Grinder?

"Star Wars: Hunters" Skora character art.
Greedo, is this your long-lost sister?

Zynga Inc. is proud to announce that they’re going to give Star Wars: Hunters a soft launch on iOS. What this actually means is that apparently, Zynga is releasing the game on IOS in select regions (specifically: India, Philippines, Malaysia, and Indonesia) as a sort of test launch. The game still isn’t available outside of those regions. It’s apparently going to launch worldwide this year in 2022, but otherwise, nothing specific outside of that vague release year.

Still, to celebrate the soft launch, and to promote the eventual actual launch, Zynga is also proud to announce that they’re adding some new content to Star Wars: Hunters, including a pair of new characters. You can see one of the above: a Rodian hunter named Skora. Her description reads: “Delivering health to her allies and harm to her enemies with her ingenious Dart Gun, this legendary cartel doctor is exactly the kind of scum and villainy you want on your side in The Arena.” Not sure if shooting people is the best way to heal them, but what do I know?

"Star Wars: Hunters" Sprocket character art.
What a strangely adorable Mon Calamarian. That’s not something you normally associate with this race.

The other new character for Star Wars: Hunters is the Mon Calamarian hunter: Sprocket. His description reads: “The No. 1 fan of Hunters of the Outer Rim steps into The Arena with an arsenal of droids ready to protect allies and bring the hurt to enemies, all controlled from the comfort of his custom Command Chair.” Hopefully, he doesn’t turn out like the CVs in World of Warships, but that’s just me.

New Arenas To Play Star Wars: Hunters In?

"Star Wars: Hunters" The Great Hunt map screenshot 1.
Judging by that skull, I’d say the hunt is already over.

In addition to the new characters, Star Wars: Hunters will also introduce a pair of new maps to the game. The first is The Great Hunt map above. This map will apparently involve an escort mission where the hunters escort a giant harpoon from Tatooine to Endor, all just someone can fire it into a Gorax. Seems a bit of a shame to be some big game hunter’s cargo handler, but what can you do?

"Star Wars: Hunters" Dusty Ridge map screenshot 1.
I’m leery of a sport endorsed by Hutts.

The second new map for Star Wars: Hunters is the sandy Dusty Ridge map, which also features a new game mode called Huttball. Considering that’s it’s apparently a sport Hutts made, it’s easy to see how brutal it can become. The description of Huttball reads: “To the excitement of followers throughout the galaxy, the fan-favorite sporting event has finally returned. Hunters will strive to rack up as many goals against their opponents as possible in the brutal, no-holds-barred crucible of The Arena version of Huttball.” Honestly, it sounds like rugby, but we’ll see how it plays out once we actually see the game itself.