Probe droid fans (if any) rejoice! For Funko now has an adorable Pop! figurine version of this one-hit wonder from Hoth on sale.

Funko probe droid with Hoth background.
I can just imagine this guy making high-pitched versions of its droid babble.

Commence Indecipherable Droid Babble!

Who doesn’t remember the Viper probe droid when it first appeared in The Empire Strikes Back? Its menacing and unsettling appearance combined with its Black Speech-like droid babble made it one of the most recognizable droids in the Star Wars universe. Of course, this is exactly why it makes perfect sense to make an adorable chibi figurine out of it. Funko though so, along with Disney.

Adorable probe droid in adorable box.
Those bulbous camera eyes are strangely cute.

And now, this Funko Pop! Viper probe droid figurine can be yours for the low, low price of only $24.99 on Amazon. Okay, I kid. This isn’t cheap by any definition of the word. But well, if you’re interested in cute chibi figurines, you won’t be disappointed by this little 6-inch tall droid. Of course, you might have to wait a while to actually get the figurine. Its release date is October 24, 2020; after all.

Also, if you’re interested in more Star Wars figurines, you might be interested to learn that this probe droid is the fourth of a set of “Battle at Echo Base” figurines Funko is producing. Funko has also made a chibi Wampa.

Adorable Wampa.
Aww, so cute even when he’s trying to tear you apart!

A Funko chibi Han Solo about to cut open a chibi Tauntaun.

Adorable yet gruesome Han Solo and Tauntaun.
Aww, so adorably gruesome.

And a Funko chibi Chewie dusted with chibi snow.

Just plain adorable snowy Chewie.
Aww, just plain adorable!

All of them are available at Amazon for $24.99. However, none of them have actually been released yet at the time of this writing. The Wampa and Han Solo will launch on August 7, and you can get Chewie on September 20.

So yeah, Amazon selling things that haven’t been made yet. I believe the concept is called “preordering”.


Want a chibi Viper probe droid figurine from Funko? Preorder yours at Amazon for $24.99. If you’re interested, you can also preorder the other “Battle at Echo Base” chibi figurines for $24.99. Just be prepared for a wait.

Source: ComicBook