Well, here we go again. Thanks to The Book of Boba Fett we just got over 40 years’ worth of canon Star Wars in one episode. While it is great seeing all of the Star Wars stories tie together, there is one question that seems to pop up more than it should. No, it is not where is Jar Jar now, it is where did they get that lightsaber from? From Luke losing his in The Empire Strikes Back to Yoda’s being dropped in the Revenge of the Sith it seems the Jedi have a hard time keeping their lightsabers. So that leads to another question, and that is, how did Luke Skywalker get Yoda’s lightsaber.


Yoda’s Lightsaber Returns

Those that have seen The Book of Boba Fett episode 6 found themselves in shock throughout the show. From the start to the end there were a ton of cameos and tie-ins from just about all of the Star Wars movies and shows. One of the biggest cameos was the return of Luke Skywalker. Here we get Luke training Grogu (luke’s first student) at what is to become the new Jedi Temple for Luke to train the new generation of Jedi. Even though Luke, is impressed by the progress Grogu is making is, he is starting to wonder if Grogu’s heart is in it.

To make things more interesting during the training Din Djarin somehow found this secret location but was intercepted by R2-D2 and Ahsoka Tano. Djarin brought a gift for Grogu and wanted to see him badly, but after a talk with Ahsoka, he chose to have her give Grogu the gift instead. Ahsoka then gave the gift to Luke. Knowing what kind of bond Din Djarin and Grogu have, he asks Ahsoka, “What should I do about him?” She gave a very familiar answer… “Trust your instincts.”

Inside the newly constructed Temple Luke shows Grogu that Djarin brought him a gift and lays it on the ground. But before Grogu can take it, Luke pulls out a small lightsaber. He tells Grogu that the lightsaber belonged to his teacher Master Yoda and offers it to him as well. There is a little more to this but I have spoiled enough for you.

How Did Luke Get The Lightsaber?

OK now that we talked about the return of Yoda’s lightsaber, let’s look at some theories. So, where did Luke get Yoda’s lightsaber from? Like I said earlier we know that it was dropped when Palpatine blasted Yoda with some force lighting during their fight in the Revenge of the Sith. We even get a shot of it falling to the floor. We never see Yoda with a lightsaber in The Empire Strikes Back or Return of the Jedi. So how did it get to The Book of Boba Fett?

Photo: StarWars.com

The Theories

One theory is that Yoda picked it up after he fell to the ground. But when you watch the fight and Yoda’s escape the only thing you see on him when he jumps into Bail Organa’s ship is the communicator. So unless he returns there to get it afterward, his lightsaber is as good as gone. But this theory can be debunked thanks to the 2017 Darth Vader #1. There Mas Amedda, the Grand Vizier of the Empire tosses Yoda’s lightsaber into the furnace claiming “Thus tyranny ends,” as Darth Vader and Palpatine watch it burn.

Photo: Darth Vader #1 – What a waste of lightsabers.

The other theory is a pretty simple one. Yoda built or had a second one. It is not too hard to believe that some Jedi could have a couple of lightsabers. The 2016 reference book Star Wars: Complete Locations says that Yoda had one stored in his hut up to and during the time of The Empire Strikes Back. Did he keep it hidden so he couldn’t be found? Also, does that mean Luke went through his house after Yoda became one with the force? Or did Yoda tell him about it at some point during his training? This theory is more than likely the answer I mean it makes sense. I guess we will probably have to wait for a while for the official answer (if there ever is one). I mean we are still waiting for the story on how Maz Katana got Luke’s lightsaber.

Photo: StarWars.com – Luke, come closer… There is another light..saber

We Want To Hear From You

So it looks like we have our answer thanks to the 2016 Star Wars: Complete Locations book. What are your thoughts about the return of one of Yoda’s lightsabers? Which choice do you think Grogo will pick? Also, what do you think will happen in the final episode of The Book of Boba Fett?

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