This is it. We are in the last episode of HBO Max’s And Just Like That… Man, this series was one heck of a ride. This show is a fabulous example of how reboots can be great if done properly. It continues the narrative, without making it feel like the same old story we have with the original. We will get into that more later. For now, let’s get into what this finale has to offer.

And Just Like That… Finale

Carrie And Miranda on And Just Like That. Call-back to season 6 of Sex and The City

First, we begin with Carrie and Peter’s redo. Everything seems to be going well. At least no one pukes this time. But, when they kiss goodnight there is no spark. Once Carrie is in bed, her reading lamp turns on by itself, twice. She takes this as Big being mad at her for going on a date. Speaking of Big, his brother wants to know where his resting place will be, but Carrie has not made up her mind. That is until she dreams of Big and comes to the conclusion that he wants his ashes spread in Paris. Fans will recognize the significance.

Onto Miranda! Well, Miranda gets a surprise. Che is moving to Los Angeles to film a pilot episode. Miranda is upset until Che asks her to go with her. Obviously, Miranda agrees, leaving behind a prestigious internship and taking her studies remotely. That leads to Carrie and Miranda having an argument that mimics on from season’s 6. As fans will recall, Miranda is the one who is most upset when Carrie decides to move to Paris with Aleksandr. Now, she doesn’t want Carrie judging her. Pot meet kettle.

Finally onto Charlotte! Charlotte plans a Day-Mitzvah for Rock. Who, in turn, decides they do not want to participate. This causes Charlotte to be the one going through with it. Because, according to her, she did a lot of planning and struggled to find a Trans rabbi! So, someone is going to go up there and go through with it!

After the fun of the Mitzvah, Carrie heads to Paris and spreads Big’s ashes. As she walks away, she messages non-other than Samantha. They set up to meet the next day, although we do not see the actual meeting. However, what we do see is Carrie has her own show now called Sex And The City, where she answers the caller’s questions on love. But! The episode ends with one last surprise. As Carrie gets on the elevator with her producer, they share a kiss! Seems our girl has a new man! What a way to end the show!

And Just Like That…So I Thought….

The Finale of And Just Like That... Carrie says good-bye to Big in Paris

Alright, let’s get right to it my thoughts on this episode of And Just Like That. First, as an episode I love it. I love how the ending ties up loose ends but leaves the door open enough for a second season. Each character gets their happy ending, even Seema gets herself a man. There are no real cliffhangers left out there, which makes the ending so great. I did not want to be left with something unresolved if there is not going to be a second season.

I love how Carrie meets up with Samantha. We know that Kim Cattrall says that she will not be back, but I did cross all my fingers hoping Samantha would come out. Sadly, it is not the case, but the fact that they did meet makes me happy nonetheless. Also that kiss at the end? I did not see that coming! We only saw the producer a couple of times, but I am so glad Carrie found someone. Was it a necessity for her too? No. But it is nice to see her moving forward.

The Overall Picture

Onto And Just Like That… as a whole! Like I said above, I love how the narrative stays the same but isn’t like the original. I love how the characters progress, some for better some for worse. It is nice to see the characters as if in real life going through different stages instead of remaining exactly the same. Although many have argued that this show was unnecessary, I disagree. It helps see the women in new ways. In Sex And The City, it centers on finding true love and navigating adulthood. And Just Like That… navigates adjusting to a world that is progressing when you have grown older. It deals with new themes of friendships and loss more so than love.

I will say that the star of the show is not Carrie, but Charlotte. Kristin Davis outdoes herself as Charlotte. She continues to be the doe-eye optimistic, happy-go-lucky girl we all know and love. She adds comedy, class, and a little hint of erratic behavior to the otherwise serious show. When an episode is too much drama, we have Charlotte trying to show her daughter how to put in a tampon.

What do you think of And Just Like That… let me know in the comments down below? For more HBO Max news do not forget to check out That Hashtag Show.