Hello everyone, your friendly neighborhood Professor Hulk, here. I’m about to drop some knowledge of some exciting stuff in the film and TV world. Last week we shared with you details on a Hawkgirl/Hawkman project. This week, we’re talking about Court Of Owls.

We’ve exclusively learned that a Court of Owls project is in development.

Story Details

At this time story, details are sparse. I was able to learn that the film will show the expansive history of the Court Of Owls and will show multiple protagonists and perspectives.

The primary protagonist will be Talon, a highly-skilled assassin who has killed multiple members of the Wayne family. The show will parallel Talon’s history alongside that of the Court of Owls and is essentially the ‘protagonist’ of the story, even though he’ll more or less be a villain. Think similar to Joker, which presented Arthur Fleck as a hugely flawed protagonist.

My sources did share that a version of Bruce Wayne will appear. Whether that’s a young Bruce Wayne or one that’s in his prime as Batman is unknown.

With both the Robert Pattinson movie, The Batman, in development along with the Leslie Grace Batgirl movie, it’s unknown which of these universes (if any) the project will tie into. With possible tie-ins to both universes, it’s a possibility that either film could be the basis for the Court Of Owls project.

It’s clear that the Court Of Owls will be a huge part of the DC movies moving forward. A movie or series will serve to showcase the group to the masses and hopefully lead to some exciting stories in the future.

Movie Or HBO Max Series?

While I was unable to confirm if this will be a movie or an HBO Max series, the nature, and scope of the project; and the inclusion of multiple protagonists tells me it’s most likely an HBO Max series.

Are you excited about a Court Of Owls project? Would you prefer an HBO Max series or a movie?

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