Hello everyone, your friendly neighborhood Professor Hulk, here. I’m about to drop some knowledge of some exciting stuff in the film and TV world. Last week we shared with you details on the return of Bo-Katan. This week, we’re talking about some characters from Black Adam: Hawkman and Hawkgirl.

We’ve exclusively learned that Hawkman and Hawkgirl will be receiving a spin-off film.

Recently, Black Adam producer Hiram Garcia said that characters from the film could be receiving some spin-offs. At the same time, he didn’t mention which. My sources shared that the two characters will see their back story explored in a solo movie.

Story Details

Black Adam will leave Hawkman on his own, so expect their spin-off film to explore their origins but also more of what led Hawkgirl to be absent in Black Adam.

My source shared that different characters’ incarnations would appear in the film, thus showing the Hawkman and Hawkgirl dynamic throughout time.

Other Details

There’s been no decision made as to if this will be a theatrical release or an HBO Max exclusive; this will reportedly depend on the success of Black Adam at the Box Office.

Other DC characters could appear, although in the information I was shown, there were no real names, just generic ones to mask the real characters. So it’s hard to tell who they were exactly. I would expect a few cameos.

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