We’re catching up with Mickey Mouse today as Disney+ debuts its latest trailer. That being for the upcoming special, The Wonderful Winter of Mickey Mouse. Who’s looking forward to reliving our childhood with this latest special? Because I know I am!

A Classic Never Goes Out Of Style

This new special comes after the success of the 2020 series, The Wonderful World of Mickey Mouse. That is a revival of the Emmy-winning series that runs from 2013 to 2019. What is it that makes all these shows a success? Well, the art of course! Calling upon our nostalgia, the art style is more so the original Mickey we all know and love. With a revitalized edge.

Mickey Mouse

The trailer for The Wonderful Winter of Mickey Mouse really draws you in from the start. With a catchy rhythm and slaptastic humor, you know this will be fun, family-friendly, and entertaining special. The installment will have four specials generating around each season. During the trailer, we see the winter fun. There is freezing in the cabin for Mickey, Donald, and Goofy with some fun avalanches included. As well as the ever-famous Mickey and Minnie ice skating scene that Disney fans know so well. The trailer has lost of Winter fun and shenanigans.

Bringing Us The Mickey Mouse Fun

And who is bringing us this bundle of nostalgic fun? Well, that is Paul Rudish, who is serving as executive producer and supervising director. Rudish is known for working in Cartoon Network but moved to Disney. Being that he is the one responsible for the 2013 series that starts it all, this is exciting news. This means we have him to thank for us having the new cartoon look that mixes the original Mickey with Rudish’s PowerPuff-like style.  Helping Rudish in the composer chair is Christopher Willis, who composes the music for Mickey Mouse Shorts. Serving as the producer is Philip Cohen.

The new adventures of The Wonderful Winter of Mickey Mouse is a series special for the whole family. It is made for fans of all ages, as I have said the call-back to the classic really draws that home. This winter special will premiere on February 18th exclusively on Disney+. IF you want the latest movies news or more movie trailers, don’t forget to keep checking That Hashtag Show