As we all know, Earth day is a day to celebrate our amazing planet. It is a day that we use to remember that we must take care of our planet and only we can generate a positive change to keep our home healthy. In the spirit of that change and to really show how great our planet is, Disney+ is bringing Earth Awareness.    

Disney+ Earth Day Awareness Lineup

Today at the Television Critics Association Winter Press Tour, Disney announced an impressive Earth Day line-up. We can look forward to three new features that will appear on DIsney+. The three being “Polar Bear”, “Explorer: The Last Tepui” and “The Biggest Little Farm: The Return”

Polar Bear

Disney+ Earth day Awareness Lineup

First, we have Polar Bear, a tale of a new mother. Aided by her own childhood memories, she must navigate the increasingly difficult time for Polar Bears. Narrating the film will be two-time Academy Award nominee Catherine Keener (The 40-Year Old Virgin, Being John Malkovich). The directing team behind “Penguins”, Alastair Fothergill and Jeff Wilson will also be directing this intriguing film. Fothergill and Wilson will also be producing the film along with Jason Roberts, Keith Scholey, and Roy Conli.

Explorer: The Last Tepui

Disney+ Earth day Awareness Lineup

Also premiering on Earth Day will be Explorer: The Last Tepui. From the National Geographic series “Explorer” this hour-long special will follow a mission deep into the Amazon. Elite climber Alex Honnold and a world-class team led by National Geographic Explorer and climber Mark Synnott. The goal is to take legendary biologist and National Geographic explorer, Bruce Means, to the top of a massive “Island In The Sky”. This is known as a tepui. Before they can get there they must get through the treacherous terrain to help Dr. Means fulfill his life work of searching the cliff wall for undiscovered animal species. Including the first-ascend climb up a 1000-foot sheer cliff, this special will keep us on our toes.

The Biggest Little Farm: The return

Finally to premiere on Earth day is The Biggest Little Farm: The Return. Another National Geographic special stems from the 2018 award-winning documentary. Telling the story of John and Molly Chester. A couple moves from urban Los Angeles to a barren farm in Ventura. This special follows the 10-year tireless journey of transforming the farm from barren to a magical working farm. The special will surely steal your heart with the lovable animals such as Emma the pig who welcomes a new litter of piglets. Or Moe, the lamb who befriends the family. This special of Apricot Lane Farm showcases how magical and amazing Earth is by showing us how the farmers work with the earth to give us nutrient-filled foods.

To catch these three specials, make sure to go to Disney+ on April 22nd where they will be exclusively streaming.