The battle is still raging on all fronts as the Empyreals are bringing the smackdown to the Zords. Bulk and Skull intrepidly keep reporting, much like your Resident Ranger Writer!

Mean and Green and White Machine!

Obviously, Tommy and Matt have had their fair amount of tension in the past. Tommy being the commander that he is realizes that only by working together will they be able to get past their stuff. Also by working thru that Empryeal will they be able to save the Earth. The Boys finally sync up and go to town taking out the Orange Empyreal, finding a creamy Blue center.

The Return of the Emissaries

The Blue Emmisary has returned! with a gift. Since the cover is already the spoiler the Omega Rangers finally get to combine their own zords! This new zord goes past Mega, past Super, past any other adjective we’ve seen in 28 years straight to Ultra OmegaZord in a stunning full-page combination! With a helpful boost from the Thunder Megazord, the Omegas quickly dispatch the Green Empyreal cleaving him in two.

Before the Red Emissary was able to free himself the Purple Empyreal absorbed the bodies of his fallen brethren forming a Super Empyreal. But that will have to be saved for a HORRID-filled next issue.

What about the Eltartians in the Eltarian War?!

Of course, Zartus is about to get his hands on the Zeo Crystal when Zordon barges in and is still getting WHOOPED by Zedd. There were a lot of pent-up words said but eventually Both Zedd and Zordon team up against their former ally and friend. Sadly Zartus knew all their old moves until Zordon sagely advise that they fight like they are now, a Robot and Sorcerer. This might give them an advantage…

Thoughts from THE GRID

Jam-packed like a grocery aisle! This issue delivers all the actions you want and more! With only 2 issues left this finale is going to leave a mark on the fandom for years to come.

Honestly, I don’t have any nitpicks with this one. we got to see the White Tiger DragonZord in action. We got to see the Omegas combine and keep that same aesthetic, ok maybe a better view of the weapon would be nice. is it a scythe or was it powered up to that from the Thunder Megazord?

As far as the story goes this was exactly where I would have predicted it going. so much lead up to the next two final issues of this arc is going, it made sense to bring it all together to this point. Throwing me off if the HORRID dropping is a bit of a WTF moment. But im going to guess that it’s Drakkon.

Battle Damaged Covers

As of posting all but the De Landro cover are available in Virgin Variants and you can of course get them at your LCS. Also cheers to Awanqi, Valentine De Landro on their first covers for the Rangers!

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