When you saw those ornithopters, especially the cool royal ornithopter used by House Atreides, in action in that 2021 Dune film, did you want to fly one for yourself? Well, unfortunately, they don’t exist in real life. However, Dark Horse Direct want to offer the next best thing.

A Pint-Sized Royal Ornithopter For Your Display Table

Royal Ornithopter Statue posed against a desert background.
Epic alien desert background sold separately.

Dark Horse Direct is proud to announce their new Royal Ornithopter Statue. This is a replica of the famous model from Denis Villeneuve’s 2021 Dune film, with all of the bells and whistles depicted. Seriously, it’s accurate down to the smallest detail. You won’t find a more accurate model outside of hobbyists.

Royal Ornithopter Statue close-up of left side.
Seriously, just look at that level of detail.

You can preorder this Royal Ornithopter Statue straight from Dark Horse Direct for grand total of $229.99. No, I’m not kidding. This replica statue seriously costs $230. You can pay for it in increments of $51.75 per month, but it’s still $230 in the end. If you do decide that you’re a big enough Dune fan to want to pay this amount though, note that they’re limiting production to just 500 units. If you want it, you might want to hurry. Also, note that this is a preorder, so the statue won’t ship until September to November 2022. Even this shipping date is subject to delays though, thanks to the ongoing shipping delay. Just bear with this in mind if you preorder this.

Royal Ornithopter Statue: More Details

Royal Ornithopter Statue left view.
That’s a lot of wing.

This Royal Ornithopter Statue from Gentle Giant Studios measures 8.42 inches tall and 14.57 inches long, and stands 4.27 inches tall. Most of that length is made up of its 8 folded wings, as you can see. This means that you’re going to have to be pretty careful about handling this replica. The last thing you want is to accidentally snap a wing off of a $230 model.

Royal Ornithopter Statue with person for scale.
The base seems the safest bit to handle.

Source: Dark Horse Direct, Dark Horse Direct News