Dune Drifter‘s specific blend of genres will be familiar to fans of Aliens. It does appear to be different enough to be its own thing though. It’s also coming out next month in December, which is probably why Dead Pixel Productions just released a new trailer for it.

According to this trailer, the aliens the main character’s faction is fighting against in Dune Drifter apparently is fond of jump scares. It also apparently doesn’t seem to know how to get past a tent, despite belonging to a star-faring race. Maybe it didn’t have a knife or weapon with it on hand, or whatever it uses as one?

Either way, it doesn’t look like this particular alien soldier came prepared to deal with a downed pilot. It’ll be interesting to see how Dune Drifter will explain this plot weirdness from the trailer. That is, if they explain it at all. Let’s hope they do in the actual movie when it launches December 1, 2020.

Dune Drifter: Aliens Meets Subnautica Meets Enemy Mine?

Dune Drifter poster.
Master Chief, is that you in your new armor?

Despite the questionable tactics of the aliens in that Dune Drifter trailer, the premise is an interesting one. The 2-man crew of a human fighter finds themselves crashing on a desolate planet after engaging alien ships in orbit over it. The 2 survivors apparently shortly becomes a lone survivor, and now she has to survive on a world where she needs life support just to go on a stroll outside.

It somehow even gets worse in Dune Drifter when an enemy spacecraft lands nearby. Well, “land” is a bit of an understatement here. “Crash” is more accurate. Our lone survivor then decides that heading towards the crash site to look for parts to repair her own ship is a good idea. Normally, this would be the case. Except, the aliens are still alive and they want to survive just as badly as she does. Sounds like this could be a reboot of Enemy Mine here.

Still one of the most underrated sci-fi movies in history.

It would be interesting if Dune Drifter goes a similar route, with human and alien teaming up to overcome the airless world they’ve found themselves on. It would undermine the audience’s initial perceptions of it being a sci-fi horror movie. But, that’s just me. You can preorder the DVD on Amazon for a mere $9.96, so it won’t be a big hit to your wallet if you do check out this movie.


Dune Drifter just got a brand new trailer in anticipation of its December 1, 2020 release. This military sci-fi horror movie promises to be a gem for all you sci-fi fans. Perhaps it will even turn into a cult classic? We’ll just have to see when we finally see the movie.