This week’s episode of HBO Max‘s And Just Like That… is all about relationships. Those that are broken, those that can withstand anything, and those that death has torn apart.

Moving on?

And Just Like That S1E07 Carrie and Peter

The episode begins with time passing by, and Carrie is keeping busy. She writes a memoir detailing how she found love and sadly lost him. Only problem is, in order to sell it as her usual writing style, she must date. Seema, who is now officially a part of the group, admits she signed her up for dating sites already. Carrie meets Peter, a widower as well, and they proceed to end their first date by vomiting outside… all over each other’s shoes. Who says romance is dead?

While Carrie is going on her first date since Big, Miranda tries to revive her marriage with Steve. The situation of their marriage is made clear when we compare them to Nya and Andre, Miranda’s professor and her husband, who they run into at the farmer’s market. While Andre and Nya kiss passionately before parting, for about two minutes may I add, Steve and Miranda have no passion or love between them. When Miranda tries to revive that passion, as she puts it, “there was no pulse”.

Problematic Paradise         

Onto the most secure couple of this whole show, Charlotte and Harry. Charlotte is becoming really good friends with Lisa, and they even play tennis together a lot. Harry wants to join in, so they have a couples match. After the match, Charlotte refuses to apologize for pushing Harry and it leads to a fight. Sadly, said fight takes place in front of Lisa and her husband Herbert, making them “that couple”. Towards the end of the episode, lose ends are tied up.

Miranda runs into Che, and they end up in bed together with Miranda confessing her love. Well that happened. Charlotte and Harry still argue over her not saying sorry, until they see Lisa and Herbert arguing. Now that they’ve each seen that side of their relationship, let’s hope their need to be perfect goes away. And Carrie, trying her hardest not to, runs into Mr. Vomit. I’m sorry, I mean Peter. He’s at the auction where a date with Carrie is one of the prizes. When no one bids for her, Carrie bids for herself only to be out-bid by Peter. Let’s hope this second date ends better than the first…

And So I Thought….What An Episode!

And Just Like That... S1E07 Che and Miranda

Woah. What an episode. I love it! So much happens this week. Let me just say I understand this is Sex and The City, but can we give Carrie more time? We do not need to focus on dating in this series! That being said, Peter seems cool I guess. I did see a spoiler that a certain ex will be showing up, so I’m holding on to hope for that. Although I am still on the fence because things did not end well, but only time can tell.

Now, we all know how I feel about the Miranda and Che thing. She did not hear from Che for three months. Plenty of time to end things, which she does not. She cheats on Steve AGAIN, and complains that the relationship is dead. Woman, just end it already. Steve does not deserve to be led on until Che answers. I know it’s hard, but it sucks to see what is going on.

On a brighter note, I love that Charlotte and Harry are not perfect. It is refreshing to have them argue just a little, to make them more relatable. Especially it leading to Lisa and Herbert seeing them. I’m hoping this allows Charlotte to relax more around Lisa. But my favorite couple thus far is definitely Nya and Andre. Even with their fertility issues, the love between them is clear. Plus, their communication inspires me to communicate better, cause I may write well, but I lack confrontational skills. Think Nya teaches a class on that?

And Then There Were Three…

With three episodes left, what can be in store for us? We know that Miranda will have the talk with Steve, but how will he take the news? Will Carrie end up falling for Peter or will he be gone by next week’s episode? And will Nya finally admit she does not want children? Because it seems she’s becoming more and more use to that idea. Let’s hope next week’s episode is just as good as this one.

Do not forget to tune into HBO Max every Thursday for And Just Like That… Then come to That Hashtag Show, to compare notes with me. Let me know what you think of this week’s episode down below!