Season 3 of Acapulco upholds its tradition of being amazingly heartwarming, endearing, and hopeful. It brings reconciliation of past mistakes alongside exciting new beginnings. In the present-day storyline, older Máximo (Eugenio Derbez) returns to a Las Colinas he barely recognizes. Meanwhile, in 1985, younger Máximo (Enrique Arrizon) continues his dream of one day running Las Colinas, but risks jeopardizing the relationships he’s built to get there.

Acapulco Season 3 Introduces New Big-Name Cast Members

The introduction of stars like Jaime Camil and Cristo Fernandez in season 3 only enhances the storytelling. Fernandez is funny and charming, much in the way he was in his Ted Lasso role. And Camil fits perfectly into the 1980s era. Camil plays perfectly against Jessica Collins’ fierce and empowered “Diane Davies”.

Damián Alcázar, Jaime Camil and Jessica Collins in "Acapulco"
Damián Alcázar, Jaime Camil and Jessica Collins in “Acapulco,” premiering May 1, 2024 on Apple TV+

My initial concern was that adding stars like Camil and Fernandez would mean the supporting cast might have to take a backseat in terms of screen time. This would be unfortunate given the series’ fantastic supporting cast. However, the season excels at developing the lives and journeys of existing characters while introducing a wealth of new ones.

New Relationship Dynamics and Reunions

Throughout the season relationship dynamics shift significantly, with new pairings and even reunions. It’s especially rewarding to see supporting characters like Rafael Cebrián (Hector) and Vanessa Bauche (Nora, Máximo’s mother) grow and evolve throughout season 3. Their struggles, though seemingly ordinary, hold immense power in their relatability. Cebrián and Bauche steal plenty of scenes and hearts.

Rafael Cebrián and Fernando Carsa in "Acapulco"
Rafael Cebrián and Fernando Carsa in “Acapulco,” premiering May 1, 2024 on Apple TV+

Among the newcomers, Karen Rodriguez (Dulce, Memo’s sister) shines as the perfect adversary for young Máximo. Her presence forces him to question his suitability for leading Las Colinas. Her motivations and character are well-developed, making her a character you can’t help but love to hate.

Storytelling Between Young Máximo and Older Máximo

While the series focuses on young Máximo’s ambition to one day run Las Colinas, it benefits greatly from future Máximo’s ability to reflect. This reflection helps build the story by exploring the reasons behind the decisions that impact Máximo and those around him. This type of storytelling alleviates the stress on the audience by simultaneously telling the story of Young and Older Máximo. We are, in a way, constantly reassured that things will work out in the end. We just don’t know how they will. But they will.

Enrique Arrizon in "Acapulco"
Enrique Arrizon in “Acapulco,” premiering May 1, 2024 on Apple TV+.

Enrique Arrizon shines on the screen. Season after season, he brings the charm and turmoil of Máximo to life expertly. Arrizon does a great job of playing a complex character who is the brother, son, boyfriend, and friend we all wish we had. At the same time, he shows the audience how easily someone can make a big mistake that could derail their future. He is the young kid next door that you’re constantly rooting for. The friend who you want to vent and hang out with after a long day. He continues to be the heart and soul of the show.

Season 3 Continues the Tradition of Positive Latinx Representation

Some things that continue to stand out about the show are the fact that it’s bilingual and the positive Latinx representation. I love how characters on Acapulco live their lives in Spanish! They only switch to English when forced to at the resort. This series is a treasure trove of positive Latinx characters with realistic storylines. It provides representation not just from Mexico, but also from other Spanish-speaking countries.

Shows shove Mexicans into gangster or drug lord roles. This show breaks the mold with wholesome characters. It’s the same for the women. They’re not just girlfriends – they have their own stories. The female characters, although sometimes involved in romantic relationships, are so much more than their relationships. They don’t exist solely to be love interests.

Overall the show continues to inspire and bring hope. In a time when shows love to throw out deep, tortured emotional moments, Acapulco season 3 proves that small, heartwarming moments can make a big impact too.

Acapulco returns to Apple TV+ on May 1.