A new animated series is coming to Peacock later this month. An adaptation of the best seller book by Jaymin Eve, Supernatural Academy. Today we finally have the official trailer! Take a look for it yourselves down below.

Sisters Reunite

Supernatural Academy tells the story of two twin sisters who are reuniting for the first time since birth. Jessa, who stays in the supernatural realm, is confident and popular. Then we have Mischa, who is coming back from growing up in the human realm, and is an offbeat outsider. Their mother reunites them, and Mischa joins her sister at the Supernatural Academy. Throughout the series, the sisters must learn to set their differences aside and work together. Hard to do when you just met one another for the first time since you guys were in the womb. But it’s something they must do so to defeat any enemies that come their way.

This is really giving me Disney’s Twitches vibes.

Behind it all

As I mentioned, this is an animated adaptation of the bestselling book series The Supernatural Academy by Jaymin Eve. Directing this adaptation is Steve Ball, whose previous works include Monster High and Storm Hawks. Serving as animation director is Jody Prouse, who is known for working on some Barbie and Max Steel animations. Producing the show is 41 Entertainment with Allen Bohbot being executive producer. Writing this fun animation series is Gillian Horvath.

Now moving on from behind the scenes, let’s see who will voice the supernatural students themselves. Gigi Saul Guerrero (Vida in Super Monsters) will be Mischa. Larrisa Dias from When Calls the Heart voices Jess. Joining them will be Bethany Brown (The 100), Alessandro Juliani (Battlestar Galactica), and Cardi Wong (Are You Afraid of The Dark). As well as Vincent Tong, Barbara Kottmeier, and Miranda Edwards, among others.

The Supernatural Academy will premiere on Peacock January 20th. It is to be a 16 episode series.

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