Perhaps you didn’t get to watch Adventure Time: Distant Lands when it first broadcasted on Cartoon Network? Or perhaps you just want to watch it without needing to pay for an HBO Max subscription? Well, don’t worry about it. Warner Bros. Home Entertainment has you covered with this soon-to-be Blu-ray and DVD release.

Adventure Time: Distant Lands ~ Blu-ray and DVD Release?

"Adventure Time: Distant Lands" Blu-ray box art.
The version most of you probably want.

Warner Bros. Home Entertainment is proud to announce that they’re bringing Adventure Time: Distant Lands to Blu-ray and DVD. No combo pack though. Each version is apparently in its own separate box. If you want both versions, you have to buy both of them separately.

Both the Blu-ray and DVD versions of Adventure Time: Distant Lands will launch on March 8, 2022. You can preorder both versions on digital outlet sites like Amazon and Target for $19.98 SRP/$24.98 in Canada (Blu-ray) or $14.98 SRP/$19.98 in Canada (DVD). Be aware that most sites are now offering a preorder discount. If you really want to watch this limited series on Blu-ray or DVD, you might want to take advantage of this discount now.

Adventure Time: Distant Lands ~ Home Media Details

"Adventure Time: Distant Lands" DVD box art.
The version some people may have to settle for.

Both versions of Adventure Time: Distant Lands include all 4 episodes of the limited series. You can find a list of episodes and their synopses below:

  1. BMO – follows the lovable little robot from Adventure Time. When there’s a deadly space emergency in the farthest reaches of the galaxy, there’s only one hero to call, and it’s probably not BMO. Except that this time it is!
  2. Obsidian – features Marceline & Princess Bubblegum as they journey to the imposing, beautiful Glass Kingdom—and deep into their tumultuous past—to prevent an earthshaking catastrophe.
  3. Together Again – brings best buds Finn and Jake together again to rediscover their brotherly bond and embark on the most important adventure of their lives.
  4. Wizard City – follows Peppermint Butler, starting over at the beginning, as just another inexperienced Wizard School student. When mysterious events at the campus cast suspicion on Pep, and his checkered past, can he master the mystic arts in time to prove his innocence?

Unfortunately, there don’t appear to be any special features in either version of this Adventure Time limited series, so that’s a shame. As for language options, we have English and French audio and subtitles for both versions. If you don’t speak or read either language, you’re going to have to hope that a future release solves those issues.

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