Michael Lombardo while speaking with DEADLINE went over several brands and adapted them to the television market. That included more Power Rangers coming to Netflix with several new concepts.

More Rangerdom on Netflix

We Recently Reported that Dino Fury Season 2 will be going exclusively to Netflix. But with the addition of today’s news, we are getting much MUCH MORE! Johnathan Entwistle followed up going on Twitter saying:

Twitter post by Entwistle

What can we expect?

As of right now, we can positively say Dino Fury Season 2. Episode One has said there was a possibly animated project in the works. Mr. Entwislte has been brought on to do a New Power Rangers movie that will air on Netflix. Lombardo went on in his DEADLINE interview that were will be shown for all ages. Using the term “Non-Kids” shows. That is will be a whole UNIVERSE.

What about the last 28 years?!

Hopefully, Hasbro and the team at EOne, led by Lombardo, will make content that will appeal to the masses. We still have a lot of the promises made last year that have yet to solidify. But hopefully, today’s announcement will be the catalyst to get the Power Coin rolling!

I for one hope that Eone takes a page from Boom Studios in how to develop a story within the Power Rangers vast mythos. They are doing a great job on DIno Fury so there is a glimmer of hope there.

If not and they decide to broaden the scope it will still be welcoming to the almost 3 decades old fans. It also begs to ask if/ how will they incorporate Super Sentai Footage into the new stories.

They have some snug spandex to fit into and we say “May The Power Protect You”

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