Director Wes Anderson begins his next project starting in September. Actress Tilda Swinton gave a surprise and she will be part of his project. Swinton did say, “it’s not about Spain” as a small teaser. Anderson mentioned that he’s “not ready to share any details” about his next film.

Wes Anderson
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Anderson Looking Ahead

Originally the Wes Anderson project was going to be set in Rome. Spain is the new destination home for Anderson’s project, since it’s relocation earlier this year. Over the past two months as sets that thought to be a desert landscape have been going up. To be specific and will be located at Chinchón, Spain for the untitled film. It is a small town located southeast of Madrid.

Anderson for his director taste is mostly based in Europe versus the United States. As he has been living in Paris, France for some time now. The famous Cannes Film Festival, next week is where his upcoming film, The French Dispatch, debuts. A24 is distributing Anderson’s film.

The French Dispatch’s plot goes like this:

Set in a 20th-century French city which brings to life a collection of stories for the film. The outpost sells an American newspaper and takes influences from the New Yorker. Anderson shot the film in Augouleme, France which is hours away from Paris.

Movie goers can expect The French Dispatch in theaters on October 22nd, 2021. Will you be seeing Wes Anderson’s next film this fall season? Leave it down in the comments section below!

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Source: Variety