That’s right Ranger Nation. After the past few years of red tape and who has the rights and extended contracts and precipitous bunch of other jargon… NETFLIX has grabbed you by the morpher and will be streaming Power Rangers: Dino Fury EXCLUSIVELY on the streaming platform!

Dino Fury Season 2: Finally an answer!

After Hasbro acquired all the rights to Power Rangers, a three year deal was struck with Nickelodeon. Power Rangers kept airing on the Saturday mornings. Considering the current two year single series show, it seemed odd how a second season would air.

With Dino Fury‘s success as Hasbro’s sophomore series under the eONE production company, the turn around to Netflix was swift! Netflix and Hasbro already have a great working relationship with other franchises, such as Transformers & My Little Pony. Makes sense to add the 28 year old Power Rangers franchise to its roster!

Power Rangers: Dino Fury

Thoughts from THE GRID

This is fantastic for the franchise! It still remains to be seen how we are going to get next season of Power Rangers: Dino Fury. Could we get it as:

  • 1 single 20+ episode binge
  • 2 10+ episodes chunks
  • Weekly distribution, like other “N Series”

Only time will tell what we see. But after binge watching the second half of Season 1, I am excited to see where this well-written story takes us! Hopefully back to RAFKON!

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