You know what would be great: a crossover between My Hero Academia and Marvel. Alas, we don’t have that yet. However, Comic Book Artist Ryan Stegman gives us the next best thing with some glorious official fanart.

Ryan Stegman’s Version of My Hero Academia

Now all we need is for Deku to team up with a friendly neighborhood Spider-Man.

Apparently, My Hero Academia: World Heroes’ Mission is doing so well that Funimation has decided to commission some official artwork for it. And the real kicker here? They’ve decided to ask iconic Comic Book Artist Ryan Stegman himself to draw the artwork. And the result is pretty spectacular. Check it out for yourself below:

My Hero Academia: World Heroes' Mission artwork by Ryan Stegman.
Maybe Venom could join in on the fight too? Artist: Ryan Stegman.

The artwork by Ryan Stegman depicts Deku and Flect Turn, the main antagonist of My Hero Academia: World Heroes’ Mission, engaged in a battle for the ages. With a bunch of well-placed smoke clouds and energy bolts for added effect, to boot. It’s no wonder the image looks like a scene straight out of Spider-Man.


Ryan Stegman holding his own signature.
The very excited man behind the artwork.

Just in case some of you are wondering who this Ryan Stegman is – one, you haven’t read many comic books, particularly Spider-Man. Stegman co-wrote a Spider-Man comic book series alongside Dan Slott back in 2013 called The Superior Spider-Man. He then went on to co-write The Uncanny Avengers vol. 3 with Gerry Duggan in 2015. As well as, co-writing The Amazing Spider-Man: Renew Your Vows alongside Gerry Conway from 2016-2017. Most recently, Stegman worked on King in Black, with Donny Cates as the writer. In all cases, he was the primary artist behind the comic books, leaving his signature all over them. And that’s the story of how Stegman got to draw My Hero Academia official fanart.

Source: Funimation YouTube