A new photo has shown up from the upcoming Hawkeye Disney+ series. The photo shows the reunion of 2 Hawkeyes, and a certain Pizza Dog.

Hawkeye photo showing Clint Barton, Kate Bishop, and Lucky the Pizza Dog in subway.
Who cares about the Hawkeyes? Everyone knows it’s the Pizza Dog everyone loves.

This Hawkeye photo just surfaced on Comic Book. The photo showed Clint Barton (Jeremy Renner) facing Kate Bishop (Hailee Steinfeld), the latter of who looks like she has seen a ghost. Kate Bishop is holding a bow in her left hand, and is holding a leash in her right hand. Said leash leads to a Golden Retriever dog visible at the bottom of the photo. This doggo would be Lucky the Pizza Dog (Jolt).

The whole photo has a silvery subway train as a background, not too dissimilar from the subway trains of New York City. Which makes sense, since the Disney+ series filmed in NYC. You’ll also notice that both of the Hawkeyes are dressed in winter clothing. According to Comic Book, the Hawkeye Disney+ series takes place during Christmas, so it makes sense that both of them would wear such heavy clothing. Not the Pizza Dog though. Dogs don’t need clothing. They bring their own.

Hawkeye: Details

Hawkeye logo.
No trailer, unfortunately. However, we do have this logo for you.

Admittedly, we don’t know much about Hawkeye at the moment, despite the fact that its Disney+ release is just over a month away at the time of this writing. All we know is that it explores Hawkeye’s time as Ronin, and it results in him meeting the new Hawkeye in the form of Kate Bishop. Yelena Belova (Florence Pugh) will also feature in this series as an antagonist, hunting Clint Barton for his alleged role in Natasha Romanoff’s death. No idea what Lucky the Pizza Dog has to do with this, but I’m sure we’ll find out later, when we actually see this Disney+ series.


A new photo from the upcoming Hawkeye Disney+ series has just surfaced. The new photo shows the old Hawkeye and the new one meeting in a subway in NYC. Oh, and Lucky the Pizza Dog is tagging along here. What does an innocent Pizza Dog have to do with this? Well, we’ll find out when this series debuts on Disney+ on November 24, 2021.

Source: Comic Book