Wanda is the newest character Don’t Starve Together is introducing to the game. As always, the introduction of a new character means that there’s a new animated short. Wanda is no different, and her short is particularly time-bending. Or rather, time-breaking.

Back to the Future gone horribly wrong.

Klei Entertainment is proud to officially introduce us to Wanda with this animated short on YouTube. News of the short came over both the Klei Entertainment forums, and on the Steam Events page. Both sources contain more or less information, although the Klei forums goes into a lot more detail about the list of changes in this update. If you want the full scoop, head over to those forums.

Don’t Starve Together: Wanda Short Summary

"Don't Starve Together" Wanda animated short "Long Shadows" art.
Puts a whole new meaning on that “Gotta get back in time” song, doesn’t it?

As with all of the animated shorts for Don’t Starve characters, Wanda’s short, titled Long Shadows, reveals a pretty complex story and character. The first thing we see Wanda do is tuck a pocket watch, tools, and blueprints onto her person for safekeeping, like she’s madly trying to escape from someone…or something. A moment later, we see that something lurk at the door to her workshop before reaching underneath said door with shadowy arms. Wanda ain’t having none of this, and uses another pocket watch to teleport away to safety.

Wanda ends up on a street somewhere in a city at night. However, the shadows still pursue her, so she’s forced to teleport again. When she reappears though, we see that she is now an elderly woman. It seems that every time she teleports, she needs to trade some of her own personal time. Fortunately, she has another pocket watch that, when she winds it up, restores her youth.

Unfortunately, the shadows keep pursuing Wanda. Even immediately after a teleport, she just ends up within reach of another shadow. She tries to teleport again, but in her haste, she accidentally fumbles the grab and knocks it to the ground, breaking it apart. With a shadow about to get her, she makes some hasty and slapdash repairs to the watch before activating it. Even more unfortunately, the watch shatters time around her and forms a portal. The portal sucks her in, and dumps her in the world of Don’t Starve. Her teleportation watch is well and truly broken, so now she has no way back. Her only choice now is to survive. Will she make it? Well, that’s up to you, the player, to decide when you play her.


Klei Entertainment has just released an animated short for their newest character: Wanda. No, not that Wanda. This is a different one. This means that Wanda is now officially available in Don’t Starve Together. If you’re interested in what she brings to the survival experience, head into this survival game and check her out.

Source: Klei Entertainment YouTube, Klei Entertainment forums, Steam Events