Don’t Starve, and by extension, its multiplayer expansion Don’t Starve Together, has a host of characters you can play to spice up your survival experience. Now it seems that we’ll get one more: Wanda the Timekeeper.

Don't Starve Together Wanda announcement picture.
Time, it seems, is not on her side. Or is it?

Klei Entertainment is proud to officially unveil Wanda the Timekeeper for Don’t Starve Together. This news of her impending arrival in the game came from both the Klei Entertainment forums and on the Steam Events page. Both of these sources contain exactly the same information, so you don’t lose anything with either source.

As for when Wanda the Timekeeper will arrive in Don’t Starve Together? Apparently, we’ll finally get to see her in action on September 9, 2021, at 10:00 AM Pacific. As of this writing, this means that this is only a week away. Apparently, Klei Entertainment really wants to build up the hype here. And as always, her appearance will mark the addition of a new animated short detailing her backstory. Check it out then.

Wanda the Timekeeper: Details

Teaser image for Wanda the Timekeeper animated short.
I may not know much about clocks, but I’m pretty certain that they shouldn’t be on fire.

So what does Wanda the Timekeeper offer for you in Don’t Starve Together? Well, according to the announcement, she’s “a skilled clockmaker who will stop at nothing to outrun her future”. She apparently has a broken timeline that causes her to age faster than the other characters, where even the normal health bar is replaced by an age meter for her. This seems like a really bad thing, but apparently, in her old age, Wanda can use shadow magic to make up for her failing strength. Sort of like an analogy of how wisdom gradually replaces strength as you get older…usually.

In addition, Wanda can also craft pocket watches. These watches give her the ability to restore her youth, manipulate her space in time, return fallen survivors to a point before their death, rip holes in time and space, and harness shadow magic for defense…and attack.

Klei Ambassadors will apparently get Wanda the Timekeeper for early access in Don’t Starve Together. Everyone else will have to buy Wanda for real-world money. $5.99 USD is the cheapest option available right now. You can also weave Wanda for 2700 spool if you don’t feel like paying anything, so cheer up if you’re a free-to-play player.


Klei Entertainment is proud to unveil a new character for Don’t Starve Together: Wanda the Timekeeper. She’ll make her appearance in the game on time on September 9, 2021, where you can either get her for money or grind her out in the game. She’ll also get her own animated short to celebrate the occasion like all the other characters, so check it out then. It’ll be nice to have another way to play this survival fantasy game.

Source: Klei Entertainment forums, Steam Events