In Search Of Darkness was one of the deepest looks into 80’s horror you can get. But naturally, things would get left out on the cutting room floor. My thought would be, if you’re making a four hour documentary, might as well make it eight. Instead of doing that, we’re getting a sequel. Because this is about 80’s horror, the land of the sequel. Shudder has the first part already on their service. This April 26th, In Search Of Darkness Part II lands on Shudder exclusively.

Here’s what Shudder has to say about the doc.

Building on the hit 2019 superdoc that Forbes called ‘a scary good magnum opus,’ In Search of Darkness: Part II dives deeper into the fabled practical-effects decade of iconic and eclectic ‘80s horror movies that changed the course of film history.

If you loved the first four hours, we’re getting another four hours of interviews with new people and the same great personalities from the first part. People like Robert Englund, Nancy Allen, Linnea Quigley, Tom Savini, and more. All in all, there’s 15 new interviewees adding to the over 40 from the original doc. It’s time to go year-by-year through more 80’s horror goodness.

I can’t wait.

Part II streams April 26th on Shudder.

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