Whether you’re an old fan of Buffy comics or just looking to get started, you won’t want to miss the Legacy collection.

Buffy the Vampire Slayer: Legacy Edition Volume 4 collects issues #30-39 of the original Buffy comics. While the Buffy legacy has carried on in a ton of comic editions, these stories were the start of it all. Set during the events of the show’s third season, these stories are meant to supplement the original canon of the hit TV series.

Dark Horse originally published these BTVS comics. Now, Boom! Studios has brought them together in a newly designed collection. Check out a sneak peek of the design and story details below for Legacy Edition Vol. 4. (And in case you missed it, here’s the scoop on the other volumes in the collection.)

What stories are in Buffy Legacy Vol. 5?

Legacy Vol. 5 collects BTVS issues #39-50, set during the fifth and sixth seasons of the TV show. This volume also collects several rare short stories, and continues the “Haunted” series from Vol. 4.

Check out the details for each story below.

Short stories and stand alones

“Haunted” Part Three and Four The recently deceased former Mayor of Sunnydale has got more than a few bones to pick with Buffy Summers. And it looks as if he’ll have to go through a few bodies before he’s satisfied. Now, on top of dealing with her nightmares about a certain raven-haired, trash-talking former Slayer, Buffy’s got a body-snatching, blood-sucking poltergeist stalking her every moment she’s awake. But there’s something strange going on beneath the University campus in Sunnydale, and the mayor won’t like what he finds there…

“Willow & Tara: Demonology Menagerie” Willow and Tara aren’t getting very far practicing their summoning skills… Until Willow accidentally summons monsters from Dawn’s video game.

“Rock ‘n’ Roll All Night” Spike runs into an old enemy from his punk days in NYC. Some vampires never change. 

“Mall Rats” Buffy and Cordelia encounter giant rats at the Sunnydale Mall.

Buffy comics

“Night of a Thousand Vampires” (#39) Don’t you hate it when you go to a funeral and unwittingly open an ancient portal to a prison dimension and summon forth a rampaging horde of blood-starved vampires?

“Ugly Little Monsters” Parts One – Three (#40 – 42) Buffy’s mom is dead, and emotions in the Scooby gang are running high. Somehow, the fight against the forces of darkness doesn’t seem so important anymore. But these green demon-children didn’t get the memo. And as Tara struggles to find her place in the Scooby Gang, demons aren’t the only little green monsters running rampant. 

“The Death of Buffy” Parts One – Three (#43 – 45) With Buffy dead, the Scoobies struggle to pick up the pieces as the dangers of Sunnydale surge out of control. A horde of black magic lizard demons attempt to resurrect their leader. But if there’s going to be one resurrection already… why not two?

“Withdrawal” (#46) Buffy’s back in the game after recovering from her recent death. But vamp Velatti is back too, and she’s out for revenge.

“Note from the Underground” Parts One – Four (#47 – 50) Buffy killing vamps in Sunnydale made for a rough adolescence. Trying to kill them in Hell is going to be the death of her. She’ll have to team up with all her former allies – Faith, Angel, Xander, Willow, and Dawn – to defeat The Scourge and save the world.

Buffy the Vampire Slayer: Legacy Edition is available now from Boom! Studios.