eigoMANGA are busy publishing new comic books these days, and it looks like the comic book adaptation of Winter Ember will be the latest of them.

Is this a Dishonored spin-off game?

On August 3, 2021 eigoMANGA announced that they will publish the comic book adaptation of Winter Ember. This comic book will be an 8-part series. This particular series will essentially be a comic book adaptation of the upcoming video game of the same name.

Speaking of which, this announcement from eigoMANGA also gives us a bit of an update on the game’s status. Apparently, we now have an official release date, for both the comic book and the game. The comic book version of Winter Ember will finally see the light of day sometime in Spring 2022 (ironically), which will also be when the game finally goes live. The game will also be for PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X, and Nintendo Switch. Unfortunately, this release date is also a tentative one. It may change depending on various factors, likely including COVID-19. Tune in later for more details about this game when we get them.

Winter Ember: The Comic Book Tie-In?

Winter Ember logo.
Now we will all wonder if the game will love up to the logo. And the comic book, of course.

So what’s the deal with Winter Ember? Well, when it comes out, it will be an “immersive stealth action game” set in a “Victorian world” by Blowfish Studios, and will follow one Arthur Artorias: “a faceless man in pursuit of answers and revenge”. Sound a bit vague? Well, the synopsis for the comic book adaptation reveals a bit more:

The story of the Winter Ember comic book series is set in the Victorian age in the fictional city of Anargal, featuring Arthur Artorias, a man stripped of his past, tortured, and forced to escape into isolation. Thought to be dead, he returns eight years later a changed man, disfigured, seeking answers and pursuing revenge.

So yeah, it sounds like Dishonored. Hopefully, it will make itself stand apart from that game series. Heck, hopefully Kevin Grevioux and Chris Awayan, who is the writer and artist for the comic book respectively, can make it stand out from the Dishonored comic books. From the looks of the cover and preview pages though, they seem to be doing a decent job on that part:

Winter Ember cover 1.
Winter Ember cover 2.
Winter Ember cover 3.
Winter Ember preview page 1.
Winter Ember preview page 2.

As you can see, Winter Ember seems to be a cross between Dishonored and Assassin’s Creed. Especially with the main character being a playboy prior to his tragedy. That practically screams Ezio Auditore. Again, hopefully, Blowfish Studios makes this into its own thing rather than trying to copy off of the other games it’s clearly based on.


eigoMANGA will publish a comic book adaptation of the upcoming video game Winter Ember. The comic book will be an 8-part series. It will see a tentative Spring 2022 release alongside the game to promote it. Hopefully, Blowfish Studios will distinguish itself from other stealth action games like Dishonored and Assassin’s Creed. Although, given how far the latter has moved away from being a stealth game recently, this wouldn’t be hard.

Source: eigoMANGA, Blowfish Studios