Ted Lasso has been one of the brightest, most refreshing surprises in entertainment these past several years. The tale of a doe-eyed college football coach taking over a British soccer club has captured the hearts of fans world-wide. It’s even earned star Jason Sudeikis an Emmy. Yes, the Force is certainly strong with Coach Lasso…. And that’s even more evident with the numerous Star Wars references just in the first two episodes of Season Two. That, it seems, is all part of a well-thought-out design.

Sudeikis spoke with USA Today recently about the “remarkable” response to the show. In the conversation he also revealed the extent to which Star Wars is influencing the show. Ted Lasso will likely last three seasons, following the model George Lucas utilized for the original Star Wars trilogy. Season Two, for Jason Sudeikis, is akin to The Empire Strikes Back.

Ted Lasso, Jason Sudeikis follow the Star Wars model

Ted Lasso; Star Wars; Jason Sudeikis
Jason Sudeikis is Ted Lasso. (Image: AppleTV+)

“It’s three acts. I guess they’ve made other movies besides those first three? But…” Sudeikis jokes as he likens his plan for Ted Lasso to Star Wars. He’s careful, and emphatic, in letting fans know, however, that that Ted Lasso will avoid the pitfalls of the sequel trilogy – a lack of direction. Jason Sudeikis notes that he shoulders

“… a great deal of responsibility to let folks know that we wrote this second season prior to the release of the first one, so just know that it’s being told with the same care and craft and intention.”

Star Wars; The Empire Strikes Back

Thus far in Season Two Ted Lasso hasn’t been shy about making overt references to Star Wars, either. The Empire Strikes Back is mentioned by name as Higgins woefully laments how he’s going to explain Luke and Leia’s kiss to his children. There’s even a “don’t fret, Boba Fett,” reference to Yoda and, of course, “may the Force be with you.” The references don’t feel out of place, either. Do we want to see more? To borrow Ted’s response to the offer of a date with Diane Sawyer, “yes please.”

Ted Lasso airs Fridays on AppleTV+. The entire Star Wars library of films is available on Disney+.

Source: USA Today