It looks like De’Aaron Fox will have something new for us at Comic-Con@Home 2021. Surprise, surprise, he is now officially a mangaka.

De'Aaron Fox himself.
Give it up for our newest mangaka!

De’Aaron Fox and eigoMANGA are proud to announce on July 13, 2021, Fox’s brand new manga. Technically speaking, this will be a manga-inspired comic book. However, the differences are small enough that it’s splitting hairs at this point. Anyways, this new manga’s title is Swipa The Fox. eigoMANGA will publish this comic book, hence why they will discuss it at their panel at Comic-Con@Home 2021.

Said eigoMANGA panel for Comic-Con@Home 2021 will take place on Saturday, July 24, 2021, at 1:00 PM (PT). The panel’s title is “NBA Players Are Anime Fans Too”. If you are interested in what De’Aaron Fox has to contribute to the world of manga, check out the panel there.

De’Aaron Fox’s New Manga: Details

Swipa The Fox cover art.
Because glowing basketballs are the best.

Admittedly, we still don’t know much about De’Aaron Fox’s new manga aside from that title: Swipa The Fox. There is no release date, and no pricing available. Not even tentative ones. I assume the eigoMANGA panel at Comic-Con@Home 2021 will reveal these details for us…hopefully. That said though, we do have cover art and a preview page. We also have a very short synopsis of the plot. Here it is:

The “Swipa The Fox” comic book is about De’Aaron Fox accidentally venturing into a basketball video game while his video game counterpart causes havoc in the real world. De’Aaron has to harness all of his world-class basketball skills to play his way out of the digital game and return to reality.

Swipa The Fox preview page.
Is any of that high-tech gear really necessary to play basketball?

So yeah, Swipa The Fox is basically a sports fantasy manga. There are elements of a doppelganger story in here though, thanks for De’Aaron Fox’s video game counterpart swapping places with him. This sounds like a very interesting premise for a story. We will just have to see if the story lives up to the premise when this manga eventually comes out.


De’Aaron Fox will officially be a mangaka. At least, once Swipa The Fox comes out, eventually. Curious? Tune in to eigoMANGA‘s panel at Comic-Con@Home 2021 on Saturday, July 24, 2021, at 1:00 PM (PT) to find out more about this upcoming new manga series or comic book series. Depending on your definition of “manga”.

Source: eigoMANGA