From superheroes to Transformers teaming up with My Little Pony there are a lot of different comics out there to read. While we all know about the releases that come from Marvel, DC, IDW, and others, it is at times you find some amazing comic releases through crowdfunding campaigns. Well, thanks to writer Tom Pinchuk I was able to come across one of those comic releases. Remember Andy Xenon? is an action-packed story about a superhero that loses his powers.

Remember Andy Xenon? Comic Review

When introduced to this comic I was not sure what to expect, but it definitely did not disappoint. We start out by being introduced to a young superhero named Andy Xenon who had amazing superpowers but was at times wreckless with them. But then the unthinkable happens to Andy, he lost his superpowers. What Andy couldn’t understand is why and had to accept becoming a normal person. While this was hard on Andy it was even harder that people didn’t believe him when Andy would tell them who he was. But one day after a Journalist tracked him down, Andy thought he was finally going to be able to tell his story, but little did he know a second chance at becoming a superhero is heading his way.

Remember Andy Xenon

This story was just fun. I don’t want to go into too much so I don’t spoil it for you all. When you start reading the action picks up right away. Then that’s when the story bounces back and forth from the current time and the past to tell his story. At first, it feels like we are going to go away from the action and was just going to be a backstory piece, but writer Tom Pinchuk does a great job pulling you back into the action. This story also gives readers some life lessons like, be thankful for what you have you never know when it will be gone.

The Creative Team

Writer Tom Pinchuk does a great job keeping the story fun and fresh. like I said earlier once you think the action is done or the story is slowing down Pinchuk pulls you right back into the story. Illustrator Nikos Koutsis, Colorist Eva De La Cruz, and A Larger World do a great job of keeping the story flowing. The art a color was fun and the text is easy to read. If I had to pick one negative thing there were some panels that had a lot going on and I caught myself reading harder to make sure I didn’t miss anything. But there was not a lot of that so that should not be an issue for someone trying to decide on funding this comic. On a scale of 1 to 10 hashtags, I give Remember Andy Xenon? 8.5 hashtags. This is a must-have to add to your comic reading list.

“Super Edition” Nikos Koutsis Cover / “Mega Edition” Brent Schoonover Variant / “Ultra Edition” Freddie Williams II Variant

Where To Get Remember Andy Xenon?

Remember Andy Xenon? is a crowdfunding project that can be found at Zoop. From cyber editions to a Mega Edition there are a few different options for you to pick up this comic. You can check out all the project backing options by clicking here.

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