Ahsoka; Ventress

Rumor has it that the next two heroes Star Wars: Battlefront II will add to the mix are in the pipeline and due out by late summer. The source of the leak says the next two characters will be none other than Ahsoka Tano and Asajj Ventress. You can watch the source YouTube video from Twisted Jedi here:

If true, this would be a great addition to the game as it adds two of the most familiar and loved characters of the era. Players can build their Ventress character with many different kits, so let us hope she can be a meta player in the hero battles. Her dual blades should look cool, but hopefully she can use them to deal some massive damage.

Ahsoka Tano has one of the most beloved characters in Star Wars. The source did not know if we were getting young Snips, older Padawan Ahsoka or possibly Fulcrum. Given the time frame the first two are most likely. It would be cool if they could cross-faction her between Clone Wars and Star Wars Rebels.

Will the Addition of Ahsoka and Ventress Help?

I have been really happy with the latest additions to the rosters lately. It is giving us a better feel for the era and made the game even more immersive. Talking with fellow players, balance is becoming an issue with some of the characters. Hopefully Ahsoka and Ventress being added can help re-establish a new meta.

But will it be enough? The renewed focus on releasing new characters and classes, especially tied into the upcoming FINAL season of The Clone Wars, is encouraging and brings something to the game. However, given its rough start and the EA pay-to-play debacle, is it enough to help keep the game going? Adding the recent toons and the addition of ewok hunt have been exciting, yet I log in at times and cannot find enough people to complete a group. I hope this continued content can keep the game going.